|Brand Stories|



Decent cuisine should be further introduced through professional presentation.

With the passion for tea, we would like to present original taste of tea by our exclusive teapresso machine which is customized for each tea.

We believe that by treating the tea with heart and the best tea scent will be discovered.

Selecting essence from tea branches, the flavor you tasted is our insistence.

CHICHA San Chen  achieves the concept of “International Beverage originated from Taiwan”.

Serving the best drink is our faith for now and forever.




Devoting ourselves to tea brewing for more than 20 years, we still keep our mission in mind as time goes by.

We never compromise on looking for better ingredients unless we find something qualified.

For us, professionalism is the result of devotion and insistence.

We have high standard in measuring ingredients.

Practice not only makes perfect but also trains accuracy and precision.




What makes us different is that Chi Cha San Chen spent two years for developing exclusive teapresso machine – LION.

We have upgraded it again and again in order to have the best combination of feature and function.



The teapresso is designed with an open chassis and unique smart touching panel.

With precise setting  to reach customize request and perform the best flavor of 6 types of tea.

With high temperature pressing skill, the essence will be extracted from grained tea leaves in few seconds.

We minimized all possible factor that will affect the flavor.

Each type of tea is settled with customized brewing recipe to keep the aftertaste.   



Accomplishment starts from action.

There is an expression that goes “One minute on the stage, ten years of practice off the stage.”

We did our best and never compromised in the idea of freshly brewed tea.

It’s our pleasure to share the best tea with you.



|Art and Craft|



We believe that a space with cultural and aesthetic styles is closely related with the history of buildings.

The first Chi Cha San Chen concept store in Taiwan is reconstructed from a 40 years old building.





We didn't demolish it, instead we keep original design as another way to live with history.





We are used to refreshing our mind by relaxing in natural beauty.

Therefore, we had a crazy idea of bringing the tea tree from mountain to city, and we did put into action.

After came out the solution for constant temperature and humidity, we made the impossible mission come true.






Ideal environment for tea tree is the humidity between 75 – 80% and with annual rainfall between 1,800 – 3,000mm.

Chi Cha San Chen built sky tea garden by simulating high altitude surrounding to meet severe living standards for tea trees.

It’s misty in the greenhouse, with other condition of high humidity,  temperature control and enough sunlight,

all these elements are good for tea tree’s growing.

Nice surrounding also helps to increase Nitrogen and aroma content for leaves.

It’s cheerful to share the tea mountain in the city with all of you.

The tea tree garden is our promise to the tea and you.



|Humanities accomplishment|


Humanistic is not a SOP, it makes Taiwan more attractive.

Different from those who follow SOP as a tool and method for service,

Chi Cha San Chen aims to deliver the spirit of our brand to customers.




On the basis of professionalism and human warm, service should not be formalized and lose original meaning.

Sincerely, we invite you for experiencing MIT spirit together.



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