Membership and Credits Reward




  1. This membership is only for online shopping, purchase on physical store can not accumulate
  2. During membership, you can upgrate to next level by accumulate spending
    ex. You are the Dawn, purchase NT$5000 in total to upgrade to Day Light, then purchase NT$10000 in total to upgrade to Night
  3. Membership valid in 1 year, start from the date upgrading
    ex. 2022/5/1 become Dawn, 2022/6/1 upgrade to Day Light, then membership valid till 2023/5/31 not start at 2022/5/1
  4. During membership period, if the accumulated spendings did not achieve, membership will be downgraded
    ex. You are the Night, during membership perid accumulated spendings is NT$5000, then you will downgrade to Day Light. If your accumulated spendings is under NT$5000, you will downgrade to Dawn
  5. CHICHA San Chen have right to change or cancel the benefits of membership


Credit Rules

  1. 1 credit = 1 NTD, the maximum of oreder discount is 10% based on NTD
    ex. Total order is NTD100, the maximum discount is NTD10
  2. Credits' deposit date and Expiration date
    ▪ Membership Gift: sign up and receive credits immediately, valid for 30 days
    ▪ Birthday Gift: recieve on the 1st in birthday's month, valid for that month
    (If you upgrade membership in the birthday month, you will only be able to enjoy the birthday gift of the membership in the following year)
    ▪ Reward Credit: recieve 10 days after shipping, vaild for 365 days
  3. If you cancel or return order, reward credit will be canceled
  4. During big sales, CHICHA San Chen has the right to close the credits discount temporarily


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