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Payment Methods


  1. Credit Card(VISA、MasterCard、JCB)
  2. Virtual ATM
  3. Line Pay


  1. Credit Card(VISA、MasterCard、JCB)
  2. Paypal


Shipping Countries

  1. Taiwan
  2. China
  3. HongKong
  4. Macau
  5. Singapore
  6. Thailand
  7. Malaysia
  8. Philippines
  9. Japan
  10. Korea
  11. United States
  12. Canada
  13. Australia


Shipping Methods


  1. Home Delivery (Kerry Express)(On shore of Taiwan only)
  2. 7-11
  3. Familymart


  1. Home Delivery (SF Express / Chunghwa Post)


Shipping Days


  1. Home Delivery (Kerry Express):3-7 working days
  2. 7-11:3-5 working days
  3. Familymart:3-5 working days



  1. China:3-7 working days
  2. HongKong:2-5 working days
  3. Macau:3-5 working days
  4. Singapore:8-10 working days
  5. Thailand:8-11 working days
  6. Malaysia:8-11 working days
  7. Philippines:8-11 working days
  8. Japan:7-10 working days
  9. Korea:7-10 working days
  10. United States:10-14 working days
  11. Canada:14-18 working days
  12. Australia:10-13 working days


※No shipping on Holidays / Weekends
※Delivery days will be longer in remote area
※Arrival date will be longer if you change the orders or have special requirment

※Overseas delivery may be delayed due to COVID-19


Free Shipping & Shipping Fee


  1. Home Delivery (Kerry Express):Shipping fee USD3.2 (NTD$100), free shipping for ordering over USD39 (NTD$1200)
  2. 7-11 & Familymart:Shipping fee USD2.1 (NTD$65), free shipping for ordering over USD32 (NTD$1000)



Shipping fee is based on the weight of package. Shipping fee will show when you place the order.

Free Shipping as below

  1. China:Ordering over USD98 (NTD$3000)
  2. HongKong:Ordering over USD98 (NTD$3000)
  3. Macau:Ordering over USD98 (NTD$3000)
  4. Singapore:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)
  5. Thailand:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)
  6. Malaysia:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)
  7. Philippines:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)
  8. Japan:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)
  9. Korea:Ordering over USD162 (NTD$5000)



  • Order will be cancelled by the system if you do not pay in 3 days
  • Due to the logistics's delivery arrangment, you can not choose the arrival time
  • If your order is out of stock or stop production, our agent will contact you as soon as possible
  • Price may vary by exchange rate and are based on NTD


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