Tea Pottery for Sealing

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The tea pottery for sealing are made by potters.

“Six years of Tea, Century of Love.”

How much the heart is, how fragrant the tea will be.

The silos provide excellent storing environment for the tea leaves.
What it stores is not only the leaves, but the minds of those who seal the leaves as well as the achievements of the silo makers.


Standing tea in the silos is necessary for teas.
CHICHA San Chen has invited the potters couple from Tainan.


The silos provide excellent storing environment for the tea leaves, it is dry and prevents interference from external factors, and the storage time can be stored for ten, two or even thirty years according to personal preference. There is no limit.
Because old tea takes a long time to brew, CHICHA San Chen formulates an exclusive tea ceremony to seal people's minds in hand-made clay pots.
Waiting for a suitable time, and those who want to express their hearts will choose a day to taste this delicacy refined by time.

The tea potteries was fabricated by the potters, the models are the only works with unique beauty and temperature.
With Lishan Oolong tea bags of CHICHA San Chen, it can keeps this unchanging mind for as long as you want.


The tea potteries are shipped randomly.



Country of Origin:Taiwan 

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