Pyramid Tea Bag Set (tea bag only)(25 packs / 50 packs)

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From the past to nowadays, tea has been inseparable in our life.
From purple clay pots to mugs,
we hope to use the most simple steps and utensil
to make it easy to make a good cup of tea at home.



By combining the six freshly brewed tea with slogans about tea,
turning the complex tea brewing steps into simple daily routines,
making the exact same tea delicious whether it is freshly brewed or extracted.


Green Tea from CHICHA San Chen

Crafted with 120% fresh jasmine flowers with original tea leaves, Our tea features a delicate layering of flowers and tea leaves, naturally infusing the leaves with fragrance.

No spices and flavorings are added during our tea-making process, allowing the tea and floral aroma to seamlessly meld.

After carefully hand-picking jasmine petals and undergoing a two-step floral infusion process,

Make our tea leaves carry a refreshing and subtle natural floral scent, creating a flavourful and aromatic experience.

Not only does the popularity of our Green Tea extend beyond our customers, but it also earns international acclaim.

For three years in a row, we've achieved the Superior Taste Award of ITQI (International Taste Institute), the highest honor known to be the Michelin award in the food industry.

It’s also granted the Crystal Taste Award.



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Ingredients: Tea / Osmanthus / Cassia / Vanilla Powder
Net Weight:2g/pack
Size of tea bag:8.9 x 10.3cm
Country of Origin:Taiwan
Expiration date:Mark on package

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