Tea Travel Set(including 75g Lisan oolong tea)

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Specially selected Oolong tea from high of 2000 to 2200m LiShan area,
Special geographical environment, endow tender for tea leaf and savour sweet from the tea base gently.



We believe Oolong tea is the most representative tea variety in Taiwan, and we design five differences roasting levels for Oolong tea exclusively.
Roast levels divided into light, light-medium, medium, medium-heavy and heavy.



Exclusive travel set of tea tool and tea leaves, which include farmer’s introduction and brewing method.

CHICHA San Chen is aware of your request of tea, our exclusive travel set includes tea leaves, whose roasting levels are all available to choose!



The whole set of accessories include LiShan Oolong tea and standards tea assessment set for the professional.

To brew a good tea, it must have the best ratio to make the tea taste sweet and perfect. We define the exclusive ratio for CHICHA San Chen LiShan Oolong tea, by using 95℃ water, 3g weight of tea leaves and standing time lasting for 6 minutes.

As same as craftsmen spirit and method of CHICHA San Chen,
Electronic scales and timers for estimation are included in travel set as well,


Taking with it on traveling, business trip or picnic gathering, you can enjoy the best tea no matter where and what you are.



No matter is gift or for personal use, you can find out all in CHICHA San Chen.



Including: 1. 75g Lishan oolong tea*1
     2. teaware set*1
     3. tea cup*2
     4. timer*1
     5. electronic scale*1
     6. teaware bag*1
     7. tea towel*1
     8. bag*1
Country of Origin:Taiwan Lishan
Expiration date:Mark on package

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